Games Room Decor Supplier OutpostFlags

Aug 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Waffle and Wanderings

Bumbling around on the Internet, I came across a US military memorabilia site called Outpost Flags.

They do a lot more than just flags, though they have a huge range of those, which are perfect for decorating the games room.

One of the ranges that caught my eye was their WW2 German miniatures.  These are 60mm, handpainted figures, and include all the national leaders from the war.  Not cheap, averaging over US $40 per piece, but nicely done with some cool accessories such as a brick-built parade review platform.

The site itself is very 1990’s and uses the old style PayPal single item buttons for adding items to the shopping cart, but in a “progressive” move they also take AlertPay, the Canadian online payments processor.  I’m guessing that until they upgrade the site to a database driven system (dare I add, “like our own LRL Depot“?) that they won’t be able to use Google Checkout, and may also be forced to upgrade the site to integrate a Merchant Services facility.

There’s a lot of goodies to choose from on Outpost Flags, and I had to stop browsing because my shopping list was heading for bankruptcy status … oops … I guess wargamers just can’t get enough toys to play with?



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