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There’s been a change of ownership at Games2Trains.com. The model and hobbies auction site (formerly known as WargamesMarket.com). The following is from a press release received by email this week –

Wargames Market (Games2Trains) has been taken over by Modartis Limited (Bangladesh) who owns the “Reinforcements by Post” miniatures painting service.

My name is Neil Kenneally. I am the owner of Modartis Limited. I’m a British Wargamer with numerous other hobbies (I’ve even been known to dress up for English Civil War re-enactment.) Like many of you I have sold items in the past on eBay but find that it is too expensive. I wanted to have an alternative to eBay and have sold on some “bring & buy” sections on Wargaming sites. These sites are useful but auction sites have more utility.

When Jason opened this site in 2006 I was happy to see an alternative to eBay. Shamefully I never got organised and put any auctions up myself. When Jason announced that he was selling the site I snapped it up. Hopefully I will be able to make up for my tardiness with future effort.

I am going to hire someone to work with me on the site full time. Right now I’m doing everything myself and have been able to answer people questions quite quickly while I learn about the site. I am asking Hobbyists to tell their friends and their club mates about the site.

I am also asking you to list your hobby items on the site and to browse the site to see if anything catches your eye. If you sell on eBay try selling some items on this site and link from each of your eBay items to your items on this site.

Selling with a basic listing under $300 is free. Most people pay nothing but a one time $3 ID verification fee to use the site. You can put a reserve on your games2trains items for free. If you have a Wargames web site please put a link on it to games2trains.com which is the main landing spot for the site. The utility of an auction site comes from having a large base of buyers and sellers.

If you have complained about ebay fees or if you want a cheap (mainly free) auction site please support this site and allow it to grow into a useful site for gamers and hobbyists. There will always be Nay sayers who will respond to every announcement ‘Sorry, but… blah, blah, blah.’ and want to say that the site will not gain momentum. The site will be successful if hobbyists want to support it.

Over to you!

Sincerely, Neil Kenneally

It’s interesting that an Anglo expat operating from Asia has taken over the site – there’s been a lot of migration in the wargames and model industries in the last decade.  The founder of Falcon Miniatures now lives in, and operates from the Philippines.  Several figure painting services (including Big Battalions) and a couple of manufacturing outfits (including Long Range Logistics) are now based in Thailand, with TimeLine Miniatures set to join their ranks next year. There are also a couple of excellent figure painting companies in Sri Lanka.  Plus, US giant games developer Wizards of the Coast appear to have most of their models made in China.

Production costs are obviously becoming even more of a factor than they were in the early 1990’s, when high overheads and the UK recession almost collapsed the industry. With the current global economic crisis, it may be the Asia-based companies who weather it best … unlike in 1997.

It’s good to hear that a recently started online sales venue has received new capital and management, rather than joining the graveyard of start-up casualties. I wish you all the best Neil, and hope to find time to add the Long Range Logistics catalogue to your new venture, as soon as possible.


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