New Model Previews – GS07 & 08 Frontier Cabins

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Two new 15mm AWI-ACW-Frontier Log & Shingle Cabins have been released to production and will be available from the Long Range Logistics Depot before Christmas.

GS07 and GS08 are in our modular building style and the rooves can be exchanged with the S&S17 Village Smithy if you want a tiled roof with half timbered gables, rather than the hipped shape of the default roof supplied with these two models. For both rooves, the chimney in the roof element aligns with the chimney of the walls element of the smithy and both log cabins.

Both of the log cabins are supplied as 6-piece kits.

GS-07 ~ GS-08

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The only difference between the two kits is the central wall sections. In this picture, the front door is facing to the left on both pieces. GS-07 (to the right of photo) therefore has the chimney on the right when facing the door, and GS-08 has it to the left of the door.

Clearly seen in the photo is that the two wall sections also have a different plan section. GS-07 is slightly narrower than GS-08, and has a slight taper to one end. This photo also shows clearly the overlapping log-ends used at all four corners of both wall sections. The windows (shown in photos below) have frames around them, but do not have glass pane detail cast – this allows you to paint them as glazed or shuttered.

Shown here are the walls mounted on the log-pile and plank veranda / porch bases, with the roof mounted to show approximate chimney matching. I was racing against the death of low battery power in the camera and therefore they’re not 100% aligned, but you can clearly see the difference in the chimney positions, and that the roof section is reversible.  You also get an idea for the amount of roof overhang.

GS-07 ~ GS-08

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From the next photos you get a frontal view giving more idea of how the assembled units will look. Note that again the front and rear veranda / porch railings have not been fixed into place for this quick preview.  Notice how the roof height seems to exagerate in the front view of GS-07 below, compared to the oblique views above – such is the peril of modelling to true-scale proportions.

GS-07 ~ GS-08

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About those veranda railings – they are cast with resin and are a little fragile. For this reason, the roof-posts stop a millimetre or two shy of reaching the roof when fixed to the porch base. When everything is painted and placed on table you won’t notice that. The reason I have designed and cast them that way is, to prevent a clumsy placement of the roof from shattering them. The wall sections take the full weight of the roof, it doesn’t touch the eaves’ support-poles, and it should ensure the railings and poles last a lot longer than they otherwise would.

Personalising your cabins – one option is to dispense with the rear railings and mount the rear of the cabin nearer to the rear edge of the veranda base. This would give a good size platform for standing figures (try to keep them as kneeling and firing – it they’re standing with shouldered arms, the roof will turn your bayonets into horseshoes). However it will result in part of the veranda being not covered by the roof, and may make your front porch railings appear to be in an odd position – that could be disguised with the addition of some balsa, or green-stuff, horse-rails and a water trough.

Another option could be to again place the walls to the rear of the veranda, but base everything on 1mm or 2mm perspex and add roof-eaves support poles (or log piles) below the outer-rearward roof overhang, between the perspex and the underside of the roof, then fence that area to create a corral.  This will work better with GS-07, than with GS-08, due to the narrow proportions of GS-07 giving a greater overhang to the rear of the walls.  You might still have to add a roof extension sloping down from the eaves of the roof – use 1mm thick balsa cut to around 3mm x 8mm to add matching shingles.

I mentioned above the ability to interchange with the gabled roof from S&S17. Here’s a quick reminder of what that looks like. When I take the pictures for The Depot sales page and the New Release announcement, I’ll also do photos showing GS07 & GS08 with both rooves.

Future additions – I’ll be creating accessory pieces to go with the cabins, and they could include things such as firewood log stacks, stand-alone store sheds (little ones including a “privvy”), barns and animal sheds, and so on.  You could also use the FRB-08 store-sheds with these log cabins, though why the animals would get stone built sheds, if the homesteader is in a log cabin, is beyond me, but I’ve seen stranger on a wargames table.

Based on the dimensions of the front view of GS-07 (photo above), I’m also considering creating a modification of the roof to include dormer windows or similar to add additional variety to this range – Let me know what you think about that idea.

Watch this space


p.s. – Oh yeah.  And watch for next month’s new models preview, to see a great (though not blindingly obvious) use for either of these log cabins.

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