RTAF Air Museum Bangkok Model Show 27-28 Dec 08

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I’ve received a tip-off from a wargaming friend in Bangkok that the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Museum in Bangkok is to host a model show between Christmas and New Year on 27th & 28th December 2008.

Right now further details are sketchy and I’ve not been able to find any information on the internet. This is not surprising, when Thais organise events likely to be of interest to non-Thais, they invariably fail to publicise the event in any language other than Thai, especially when the event is locally organised rather than nationally.

RTAF Grumman F8F Bearcat
Grumman F8F Bearcat at Bangkok RTAF Air Museum

There are now quite a few websites dedicated to the museum, and below are a list of those I’ve found with a quick search via Google.  The official Royal Thai Air Force website is in Thai language only, and apart from a few images, is effectively useless to non Thai-literate visitors.

The Official RTAF Museum website is now in Thai and English (until recently it was Thai only according to some 3rd-party websites) and includes museum rules for visitors prominently on the first page.  As with every museum in Thailand, photography is prohibited, which sort of defeats the purpose of being open to the public a bit, doesn’t it?  This page shows how to get there.

However, at most Thai museums you can request permission to take photos, and they will give you a sheet to complete stating what you have photographed.  When you return this, you are asked to pay a fee, either per photograph, or as a “job-lot” fee.  These can get expensive – one minor museum in the far provinces told me it was 200 Thai Baht per photo (about UK £4.00 at today’s exchange rate), but after handing in a list with only two images detailed, they waived the fee because I am an officially registered foreign correspondent.  If aviation and squadron badges are your collectable “thing”, visiting the museum gift shop is a “must do”, as demonstrated by the photos of the available ranges on this website.

AsiaWebDirect’s Bangkok Museums page dedicates two paragraphs and a photograph but does at least give the current address, telephone number, and entry fee (free).  The listing is about 95% of the way down a very long page.

Peter Lewis Design’s tripod.com website is dedicated to the museum and includes a very good introductory travelogue page narrating his own first attempts to locate the museum.  There are a couple of pages with a catalogue of the aircraft on display, which includes several unique “last remaining” planes.  One of the pages has links to photographs of around half the displayed aircraft, the other a list and narratives for planes not yet on display or too difficult to photograph.

Another good source of images is the thaiaviation.com page for the museum.  They seem to have a more complete photographic catalogue than Peter Lewis’s site, and seem to have updated it more recently.

RTAF WW2 Hawk III Biplane fighter-bomber (see Battle of Prachuap Khiri Kan Airfield)

towed 40mm Bofors gun
RTAF Airfield Defence towed Bofors 40mm

I’m hoping that my friend in Bangkok, who plans to attend the museum’s model show, will be sending me a report with lots more pictures.


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