We’re on the move – New Year, New premises

Jan 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Scuttlebutt, Top News

WW2 German Pony Cart painted by WarPainterLong Range Logistics are on the move, but not going very far – just out from the centre of town to the “western front” on the mountain footslopes.

Between now and the end of January, we’re relocating to a new home, which gives us a lot more space (including a garden almost large enough to hold battle re-enactments) – there’s certainly enough of a jungle in there right now to hold a realistic game of Japs and English.

There’s also a 3-metre square sandpit that will be pressed into action for WW2 North Africa (if I can get No 1 son to relinquish territorial control of it – is there any way to reason with a 15-month old?)

We’re hoping the move will be 100% complete before February arrives, and that the unpacking is finished in time for the imminent arrival of Barry from TimeLine Miniatures, who is due over for a short holiday.

I can confirm that the painting and decorating in the new unified moulding and casting room is finished, and most of the production equipment will be in situ before this weekend is over.  Hopefully all the stock will also be relocated to the new stock hall, this weekend, too – long before the domestic household stuff gets transferred. The upshot is that there should be only 2-3 days when orders might suffer a 1-day despatch delay – we hope this is OK with all our new and existing customers?

The end result will be that we have a lot more space for the business, from design, through production, to administration, shipping and warehousing, and will be able to increase the ranges and process order faster.  We’ll also have enough space for a painting team (finally) and hope to introduce the full ranges as available pre-painted during this year.

Hope your New Year is as happy as ours is, now that we’ve found the home we’ve been looking for, for years.


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