Redeployment complete – Now, where did I put ….

Mar 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Scuttlebutt, Top News

The big move in January completed successfully.  We’re now entrenched in the big house with the business operating from the large extension at the front.

The family certainly appreciates the extra space, and the business sorely needed it’s own premises and facilities.  The new unified moulding and casting room is ready for action, but as yet, other priorities keep dragging me away from getting it into operation, so for a short time at least, I’m thankful I pre-cast a lot of stock before we moved.

A lot of stuff is still in boxes – ever noticed it takes longer to unpack after a house move, than it does to pack in readiness for it?  In particular, all the new master models and part-complete designs have still to be unearthed, along with all the design desk bits-boxes.  I’ll find them …. eventually.

So what’s in the pipeline?

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries lately regarding use of our generic 11-piece tent set for Ancients, and particularly for Romans (I think due to the mock-up I did for a Roman Marching Camp using the PAL-01 palisade, and the GFE-41 all-periods watchtower – see more pics at the bottom of the PAL-01 page in The Depot).  Those enquiries have reminded me it is time I designed and produced a specifically Roman tent set, which is something I’ll look to do this summer.  This is particularly relevant with the Hadrian’s wall set edging closer to final design completion.

All the designs previewed last year, and before the relocation this year, are ready for production and release, I just have to find time to get them painted, photographed, and added to The Depot.  Unfortunately the mould-silicone didn’t survive the move, so I have to get more supplies of that before I can mould the backlog of new designs (one of the reasons they’re still in boxes).

The move and everything stemming from it, also means I’ve not yet added the full LRL catalogue to our store on eBay, eBid, Games2Trains, and other auction sites – again something I’m hoping to get completed in the fullness of time.

Hopefully as the dust settles and the barrage of household tasks lifts, I’ll be back here more often with new stories, battle histories, and of course … new model designs.


[wordbay](15mm, 25mm), (redoubt, trench, palisade, watchtower, ruin, depot, workshop)[/wordbay]

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