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I’ve been doing a bit of tidying up in the workshop this week and have added several lots of painted models onto eBay in auction.


WW2 German 15mm Pz IV F2 Company HQ 2 Tanks & Crew

The first batch is a pair of Battlefront Panzer IV F-2’s painted as a company HQ for the Hitler Youth Division of late 1943 / early 1944 before they were equipped with Panthers.

Painted with acrylics & inks, varnished with quality acrylics varnish – first gloss then matt – they’re in a dark (battle-worn) Dunkelgelb ochre finish to suit both North Africa and mainland European Southern & Western fronts.

The crew have some fine detail (e.g. epaulette detail) but most of the brush time was spent on the vehicles. All models are Battlefront standard Panzer IV F2’s that have been personalised.

The turrets and barrels are fixed in place.

Some customisation has been done with green stuff stowage such as rolled tarpaulins, the aerial recognition flags and other bits.

The camo foliage is laid over camo-netting with securing ropes depicted with natural hemp thread. The barbed wire coil is from model scale barbed wire. The radio antennae are paint brush hairs.

The tanks are numbered as 115 and 116 with turret numbers and other insignia hand-painted for Hitler Youth Armoured Division of Western Europe 1943-44 (the very short period before they were re-equipped with Pz VI Panthers).

The Hitler Youth Armoured Division numbered their tanks starting from odd numbers, to obscure the identity of command vehicles ( I’m partial to deploying Hitler Jugend armies as they had my initials – HJ ).


8 German WW2 Artillery Coy Schleppers FOW painted 15mm
6 x SdKfz10 1-ton halftracks, Horch Kfz15 HQ, Kubel OP

Next up, and still on the WW2 German theme, is a company of artillery schleppers.

In all, there are 8 vehicles with 12 crew, mainly 1:100 Battlefront models, with the vehicles being repaired & customised from broken & damaged models.

* 6 x SdKfz 10 (1 ton) Half-track towing vehicles
* 1 x Kfz 15 Horsch Staff Car
* 1 x Kubelwagen Forward OP / Spotter
* 7 drivers & 5 other personnel

Vehicles are painted in “Feldgrau” colouring with acrylics & inks, varnished with quality acrylics varnish – first gloss then matt. The grey “feldgrau” makes them suitable for western front and central Europe from mid to late war as a field-deployed company from an urban garrison.

All models are resin casts with integral bases, with our own mix basetex, grasses, and rocks.

This WW2 light artillery schlepper company is made up from some models out of a huge batch of broken and damaged vehicles I bought as a job lot.

You can see some of the repair work as uneven half-track rear canopies in some of the photos – there’s a total of 11 photos in the eBay description, which will give you a much better idea of what they look like.

The extra stowage (camo-nets, jerry-cans, sacks, crates etc) were handmade from green stuff to hide damage to the models. The barbed wire coils and lichen are standard model supplies.

As a company vehicle set (3 platoons of 2 guns, plus HQ, plus OP) it represents an understrength towed anti-tank, medium AA, or light artillery transport set.

Typical guns to associate with these vehicles would be anti-tank up to the 75mm Pak-40, towed quad-20mm AA, nebelwerfers, or howitzers up to about 105mm.

The seven open-tops have Battlefront drivers (all with battle helmets), plus some have additional crew from Battlefront and other makes.

The Kubelwagen OP has Kapitan Kamikaze hanging onto the side step looking for, and calling in, targets (on the move ???).

The Horsch HQ vehicle has Oberst Offishead “truck-surfing” as the staff car races forward and his adjudant almost falls out of the back.


9 Greek Roman Skirmishers mixed Bow Sling painted 25mm

Finally this week, a unit of 25mm recycled Minifigs Ancient Greek-Roman skirmishers, based individually for WRG or similar rules.

There are 9 figures – all of them are 25mm Minifigs, though I’m not 100% sure if they were originally sold as Greeks or Romans, however they’d likely fit with most armies of the period from the north-central Mediterranean.

Painted with acrylics & inks, varnished with quality acrylics varnish – first gloss then matt. Metal points highlighted with gloss varnish.

Unfortunately, right now I haven’t got any more of my 25mm armies with me here in Thailand, and this unit was bought from eBay a few years back, in the hope I’d have my entire collection here by now – sadly that’s still in storage in the UK and so I’m selling this repainted and re-based unit to clear space.

Individually based for skirmish order, with my own mix basetex, grasses, and rocks, as shown.

Like the other units above, the rocks should detatch with a little encouragement if you don’t like them – just stain and dry-brush, or flock, over the position where they were mounted.

On eBay you’ll find another four photos making a total of six to let you see the figures better.

These figures are from my own collection, which I am thinning out to make space for new projects.

Watch for more lots from my armies over the coming months.

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  1. Well eBay performed par for the course of the last year – or should I say underperformed as per the trend of the last year. Two or more years ago, all three of the units above would have sold with frantic bidding and prices that would have popped eyes at any wargames convention’s bring and buy stall.

    Regarding the three units above, the tanks sold for a little under what was expected, but in the acceptable range. The artillery schleppers were severely disappointing – not even reaching the BattleFront price for unpainted models. And the skirmishers didn’t even get a sniff, including when re-listed.

    I’ve now moved the skirmishers into the depot here at Long Range Logistics (in the painted figures section), and priced them at what I could expect from a bring and buy stand. If it takes them a couple of months or a couple of years before they sell, at least I’m not having to pay eBay’s exorbitant weekly fees.


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