Here we go again … another month, another move

May 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Scuttlebutt

The best laid plans of mice and men … as they say.

Having taken ten years to find the house size and style I really wanted from the outset of living in Thailand, and having moved in and settled nicely in January this year, it’s time to put everything back into boxes and relocate again.

This time we’re moving long distance (around 500 miles) to be nearer to my wife’s family due to various family-related reasons. The move is planned for the end of this month, so if you’re not getting email replies or package despatch notices between roughly 28th May and 3rd-4th June, don’t worry.

I’m hoping to be back on line sometime in the first week of June, but we’re depending on family to find a house and get everything organised for our arrival – in Thailand, that means almost zero will be as anticipated, or ready on the promised day at the allotted hour.

Wish us luck – I think we’re going to need it, and true Long Range Logistics planning, this time round.


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