LRL August Sale & Games Room Clear-out

Aug 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Scuttlebutt, Top News

Week 1 – Battlefront Flames of War packs.

As is usual, sometime every summer I have a big clear out from all my personal armies, incomplete projects, and the stuff I bought on a whim, then never did anything with.  If I didn’t do this, I’d never have space (or money) for my winter buying sprees.  As usual, the Summer Sale takes place on eBay, this year it’s under our own LongRangeLogistics ID instead of being lumped under the GazLanNaThai ID as in previous years.

This year August is the sale month, (for a change) and I’m kicking it off by clearing a big box of Battlefront’s Flames of War blister packs – everything listed so far is German, and mostly mid to late war.  About half the packs have been opened and resealed, the others have never been opened.

You can keep track of what I’m selling off this month using the Long Range Logistics “other listings” page on eBay, but pay a visit regularly as new listings will be added as fast as I get them complete in Turbo Lister and uploaded – it won’t be single weekly uploads, but could be daily or several times a day.

Here’s a preview of what’s live now –

Remember to come back regularly and check what else is new. While we’re running the summer sale, products from our own Long Range Logistics Depot are not listed on eBay to avoid confusion, so be sure to click through to The Depot for new release information there, and to buy from the regular line of buildings and scenics.

High Dice everyone


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