ThaiCon-10 – Thailand Old Gits get together

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The Thai Old Gits parade in front of the Khalid's Kazbah centrepiece for their showcase Flames of War North Africa game.A remote mountaintop resort in Thailand’s North East saw the first assembly of a scattered group of expatriate wargamers this month.

Planned for over a year, the only absentees were one member currently in Italy, and another in the USA. Six of us made it for the inaugural meeting, and top of the agenda was to decide on a name for the group.

The location and design of the Baan Pak Sabai Resort (which I think translates from Thai as “House of Comfortable Vegetables”) is slightly reminiscent of the Adler Schloss and prompted much punning of movie lines and titles. “Broad hips calling Dummy Boy”, “For whom the dice rolls”, and following an attempt to demonstrate the spinning-barrel technique of the bouncing bomb – “The Jam Busters”; were all popularly discussed.

Topical movies during the barbeque-themed Saturday lunch included the naval classic “Battle of the Ribs-on-a Plate”, and “The Battle of the Bulge” was compared to “The Battle of Midrift”, as belts were loosened after the feast.

Barry (Timeline Miniatures) Carter tried fervently to name the group “Gamers in Thailand” prompting regular mirth from Mein Host Clive “Karaoke” Holland with regard to the acronym of such a name. After all, Napoleon had his Old Guard, why should wargaming not have its Old Gits? Jos from Holland, and Ray from the USA, didn’t quite catch on to the laughter in the British camp that this name-proposal caused. But in the absence of alternatives, it was adopted.

Baan Pak Sabai wargames room Khalids Kazbah

Gaming commenced on the Friday evening and continued until late on the Sunday afternoon, giving no-one the chance to enjoy the open air swimming pool, not that it mattered much, as all concerned were too focussed on the tables.

Games played included Command and Colours, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and two big North Africa Flames of War battles – I’ll be posting articles on each game over the coming month, so stay tuned and watch for the FOW add-on rules developed to throw some civilian-led chaos into the ranks of your troops.

Baan Pak Sabai RestaurantThe Old GiTs are planning another long weekend at Clive’s Baan Pak Sabai Resort early next year, and maybe another meet-up later this year. One is also planned for March in Bangkok.

Any gamers in Thailand are welcome to join us, and until then, Clive will be in his impressive roof-top “Eagle’s Nest” wargames room, hoping for other gamers to drop-in for a few days holiday and gaming.

By the time ThaiCon-11 comes around, there’ll be a significant wargames industry contingent in Thailand. Three figure painting services are currently here – Big Battalions based in Chiang Mai in the North, another on Phuket Island in the South (not sure what they’re called though), and Timeline Miniatures’ design and casting service is due to join their own painting service, 15 minutes drive from Clive’s resort, before this summer. Additionally, Long Range Logistics is in the North East too, an hour’s drive from Baan Pak Sabai, producing building and scenics.

I’ve heard there’s also another couple of figures producers who were planning to move to Thailand in the near future, plus there are several writers of books for wargamers already resident here, with at least one more due to make the move this year. An Aussie customer has told me that a few of his wargaming contacts are relocating to Thailand this year. A little further afield, some well-known wargaming names are based in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

If you’re a wargamer in Thailand, looking for a game, or a like-minded soul, contact Barry, Clive, or myself – we’re trying to gather more Old GiTs together for more frequent gaming weekends, but we’ll happily accommodate Young PUPs (Players Under Pressure) too.


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  1. This sounds pretty interesting 🙂

  2. Nice work Garry. Enjoyed the gaming and the banter in equal measure.
    Thought the Brit’s were dammed lucky to take out our 88 in the 2nd encounter, clearly they needed some luck to be competitive after the thrashing they received in the first scenario…….

    Definetly up for another bash and sooner rather than later.

  3. Hello Garry.

    Yes it was a great weekend.
    Only a begining as far as I am concerned……………..regular visitors will soon realise that I am far more interested in the visual spectacle of games and the company of some good mates than I am in actually learning rules, which to me is as much fun as getting your teeth pulled.

    I am not able to be in Thailand for keeps just yet, but I like to spend a good deal of time when I am here, building terrain for the group, as well as looking after my painting girls and soon, hopefully making sure ,figure production runs smoothly.

    It would be great if we could get a few likeminded souls to consider retiring to Thailand (a lot easier than it may sound) and build a small community of old GIT’s who just laze about in the sunshine, play wargames and generally enjoy life.

    I would be more than happy if you would like to forward any emails from any guys who may find that prospect of interest, Garry

    Cheers mate


  4. Hi Gary, nice write up. It looks like all the other guys had as much fun as I did.

    I am more than happy to have another GITS weekend up here, let me know.

    Barry is painting my 28mm Vietnam figures so could have a game of that using Dean’s skirmish rules

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