Clive’s AWI-village, mid-stage project photos

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15mm AWI wargames model village using Long Range Logistics resin buildingsClive of the Thailand Old GiT’s wargaming group has sent me some photos of an American War of Independence  (AWI) village that he’s creating using Long Range Logistics 15mm scale model buildings.  I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you.

As you can see from this overview, the village is not yet complete – the hedges to the left and the walls on the right are not yet painted, plus there’s still some detail work to do on the buildings themselves.

The general grass areas are flocked, while the roads are yet to be done, and there’s more trees and shrubbery to add, says Clive.  Despite that, you can see already where he’s going with it, and it’s starting to look very good indeed with lots of space for moving units about between the buildings.

In the centre of the village is an S&S-01 Scots / Jacobite chapel from our Stone and Slate range.  Remember this is a chapel, not a church, which is why it seems small in comparison to some of the other buildings.  Chapels are not much different in size to regular buildings, and are often created in converted commercial buildings.

Rotating clockwise around the photo above, the other buildings are –

  • Bottom and top left – a pair of the new GS-07 & GS-08 frontiersman’s log cabins, but using the half-timbered, gabled roofs from the Stone and Slate Smithy, instead of their usual hipped roof.
  • Centre left, top middle, and bottom right, are the GS-15 generic half-timbered and thatched “peasant’s” house from our Thatched Buildings range.
  • Top right and centre right, are two S&S-17 Stone and Slate Village Smithies, displayed with the two roof variants currently available.  At top right is the default “hipped” roof of the log cabins, with wood shingles rather than slates.  At mid-right is the default half-timbered gables, slate roof for the smithy.  When ordering, if you want to switch roof style, you need to let us know – there’s no price difference involved, it’s just a straight swap, even the shipping cost is the same.

Long Range Logistics 15mm village blacksmith cottages in use in an AWI village projectHere’s another picture which nicely shows how changing the rooves makes a nice variation between the smithies, the two buildings in the foreground.

Even though this photo only shows the back and sides, you can tell immediately that it significantly changes the character of the pair.

In the background, you can see the veranda fencings in place on the log cabins, which considerably improves their look compared to the preview article linked above.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished village, and hope that Clive cracks on with it and sends more photos.

Have you got any suggestions for him on features he could scratch build to “polish” it off?

Feel free to add them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Garry,

    I did not realize they pictures looked that good on a website. I will be finishing that village soon, then buy a few more buildings to do a larger version with stables, workshops, that type of thing, added to the houses.

    All the best


  2. Have to admit Clive – I did a little colour tweaking and sharpening via software – cutting away the background clutter really helped too by bringing the detail forward … must find time to show you how to do that sometime. Remind me to discuss the photographic “rule of thirds” with you sometime too. 😉

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