Mission Not Impossible – Design Desk Recaptured

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For far too long now, my design desk has been a prisoner of the enemy.  My wife captured it about 18 months ago and was using it as a “clutter depository”.  Last month, I decided it was time to send in the Search and Rescue squad.

The occasion of my wife taking the kids off to visit her brothers in Bangkok gave me a perfect window of opportunity.

(Cue music)  She’d hardly been out the gate for more than ten minutes and I pounced.  Armed with an assortment of cardboard boxes, some 2-inch parcel tape, and a big magic marker, I sorted and cleared all her stuff into the boxes, labelled them, and stacked them on the opposite side of the room beside her handicrafts table.

Phase one complete and she’d not even have arrived in Bangkok yet.  Flushed with success I allowed myself time for a coffee and a pineapple pie, then on to Phase two … Phase two was to extricate all the design desk boxes from the rice barn where most of our businesses stock has been stacked up since the third house move last year.  This was the part I was dreading.  Who knew what manner of creepy-crawly and slithery wildlife had set up home in there between the boxes, or in them.  This was a delicate operation that would have made David Attenborough and Steve Irwin proceed timidly, but it had to be done.  It took the best part of an afternoon to locate and extract all the required boxes.

Next job was to check them for unwelcome squatters living inside them.  As the early tropical sunset was imminent, I decided the smart move was to set them all out in a part of the yard that should be safe from the father-in-laws damned chickens, use a long stick to flip them all open, and leave them overnight to led any nasties escape.  I’ve no idea if there were any in there, beyond a few straggling ants and some dead cockroaches, but the next morning there were no nasty surprises waiting for me.

Phase three.  This was the tricky bit – my design desk used to occupy almost a complete room, sharing it with the casting and moulding benches (which were now relegated to a large sheltered area under the wide house eaves).  Now the design desk was to be constrained to a corner of the office / workroom, and could occupy nothing more than the desk itself – there just wasn’t / isn’t space to let it spread out the way it used to.  As you can see from the photos, the space to either side of the actual furniture-piece of the design desk is already piled high with other stock and boxes.

Somehow I managed it – sort of.

I had to be fairly judicious in deciding what would live permanently on the design desk, what would live there in a transient manner, and what would be relegated to remaining in boxes as “ready use” supplies or part-built designs.  I decided that the oldest incomplete designs had to have priority.  There are some big models and bigger ranges amongst those, which I’ll be previewing here over the next few weeks – progress reports if you like.

If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see lots of interesting stuff piled up on the various shelves, and more than a few clues as to what I’m working on.  If you want to see them in detail, you’ll have to pop back here regularly and check out the New Designs news.

I’ll be covering a major model or range under design, every Friday, with progress reports and photos.  Be sure to add your requests, tips, and critiques in the comments for every report – the only way I know what you really want made, is if you tell me.


p.s. – Just to confirm – Mrs Gaz was not amused when she got back from Bangkok, her stuff had gone from dominating the workroom, to being prisoners in boxes stacked up next to her work table.    She’s been “working to rule” ever since.


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