New Additions – Plastic Baseless Cypress Conifer Trees in 15mm & 25mm

Apr 15th, 2012 | By | Category: New Releases

New Long Range Logistics 15mm scale Cypress Conifer TreesNew for 2012, is a small range of plastic trees with a unique baseless design.

The hollow base of the trunk allows use of a “spike” to fix the trees to polystyrene terrain boards without having to use a tree base or similar, and allows them to be moved around and repositioned easily.

First types available in the Long Range Logistics Depot are these Cypress Conifer trees, which we think you’ll admit look pretty good when placed en-masse.  They’re available now in packs of 25 pieces, in both 15/18mm scale and in 25/28mm scale.

The photos here shows them with 15mm Minifigs ACW Union infantry based for Fire and Fury rules.

These trees will help you to really “spruce” up your mountain terrain (sorry about the pun).

Keep watching the Depot and our blog for news of more tree and foliage types arriving this year.

New Long Range Logistics plastic conifers with baseboard spike

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  1. Hi Gary are you still living in Thailand? I was interested in getting the new formulated Johnstone’s wax coating that you mentioned for varnishing models.
    I need it to use in a print process. I live in Chiang Mai.

    If you see this and have time please reply to my e mail. Regards Chris

  2. Hi Chris,
    Sorry, but back in the UK now – still trying to get all the stock and moulds etc. back to the UK (need a decent size garden shed or similar set up before they ship). You might have more luck finding old stock of Johnson’s Klear in some of the small hardware shops around the north moat than in the supermarkets – I tried all of the superstores and none of them had it on their stock lists. Good luck. Garry.

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