About LRL

Long Range Logistics was created in 1989, and initially supplied wargamers with individually sculpted scenics in the form of hills, escarpments, and cliff faces.

It soon became apparent this was a labour-intensive production process, and in 1990 we began producing a range of resin buildings and scenics in 1:300 (6mm) scale.

Our range grew steadily and our modular Hadrian’s Wall / City Wall series became universally popular for all periods from Classical Empires to Science Fiction. (We’re planning on reproducing that range in 15mm, and have been working on the 15mm master models for the last few years – it’ll be a huge range when it’s released).

Unfortunately due to changes in personal circumstances, we passed the 6mm range to another company in 1992, and it has changed hands several times since then. We hope to be remastering all of it over the next few years, and re-releasing it here in the new Long Range Logistics online Depot.

From 1999 to early 2011, we were based in Thailand, South East Asia, and had a lot more time for researching and designing new additions to the miniature buildings and scenics that we produce.  There’s a huge list of models (singles and ranges) on the drawing-board, the design bench, and in the mould-making stage, in multiple scales, for all genres of wargaming and role-playing, as well as for Rail and Scale modellers. We’re also still more than happy to receive design requests – either for adding to our ranges, or to produce master models for other companies.

We hope you like the new online stores depot, and the rest of the site.  Please take a few minutes to add reviews of any of our models that you’ve bought – let other gamers and modellers know what you thought of our efforts.

In 2009, we celebrated 20 years of supplying fine models to the global wargames hobby.

Now that we’re back in the UK, we’ll also be attending many of the shows on the wargames circuit, as well as selling online.  If you see us at shows, come and say hello and mention our website … we might just have some special offers available for you.