Search the Bay

Finding anything on eBay can be very easy, or incredibly difficult.  The truth is you just never know which it will be.

It’s not just that eBay are forever tinkering with their search engine, nor that many people believe they are loading their search in favour of the very large merchants who feature prominently on the home pages of most eBay sites.  eBay openly admit that certain types of “ordinary” sellers get preference if they are an eBay “Top Rated Seller”, or if they configure their listings a certain way, or add the flavour of the month enhancement option to their listings.  Put simply, the days of eBay levelling the playing field for all sellers, large or small, simply no longer exist.

As a buyer, this makes your search even more difficult – how do you know you are seeing the best results for what you are trying to buy?  What if a seller that eBay considers non-preferred is selling exactly what you want, but one of their preferred sellers items are “close enough” though not an exact match, how can you get to exactly what you’re looking for?

Simples.  Try our old style eBay search form below.  It will (most of the time) cut through eBay’s search manipulations and return results in the way that eBay searches used to provide before all the post-2006 “improvements” were implemented.