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15mm is often incorrectly referred to as 1:100 scale.
This is completely wrong.

15mm wargaming scale is 1:120 model scale, and 1:100 is 18mm wargaming scale – that’s a 20% size increase over 15mm.

This section deals only with the exactly equivalent 15mm and 1:120 scales.

The much larger 18mm / 1:100 matched scales have their own section.

There is no equivalent gauge or scale in the railway modelling hobby for the wargames 15mm scale, nor for the scale modelling 1:120 ratio.  In fact, 1:120 is not a scale commonly provided for in scale modelling either – it is a purely wargames scale.

Unfortunately, as with the larger 25mm figure scale, 15mm has seen size creepage over the years, which has led to 18mm figures being called 15mm by major manufacturers.  This began in the early 1980s when Minifigs re-sculpted their Ancient Roman ranges producing miniatures that changed considerably in size.  All wargames figure scales were originally stated as being representative of a six-foot tall man from sole of feet to top of head, without footwear or headwear.

During the mid-80s to mid-90s, this somehow became perverted to mean from sole of feet to the eyes.  If designers held absolutely true to this, it would have resulted in 16.5-17mm high figures.  They did not, and the increasing implementation of sublimation mastering (a computer-aided manufacturing process) meant that increasingly a scale of 1:100 was pre-programmed instead of the more accurate 1:120.  Sublimation mastering has completely undermined true-scale 15mm wargaming.

You may guess I’m not a great fan of size creepage within a scale band.  I’m also not a great fan of being lied to concerning the actual properties of items I’m buying by mail order.  If I want to build a 1:120 diorama for a scale modelling competition, then I want everything I buy for it to be 1:120, not spread from 1:144 through to 1:100.  When a sizeable figures manufacturer labels figures as 15mm, that’s what I expect to receive, not oversized 18mm/1:100 figures, and I don’t care how big a company they are, or how long they have been in the industry – I want correctly labelled products.

LRL medieval church-chapel - true-scale 15mm, showing 18mm figure effect

LRL medieval church-chapel
true-scale 15mm, showing 18mm figure effect

Long Range Logistics 15mm Ranges

Long Range Logistics has many true-15mm scale buildings and scenics in our ranges, these are true 1:120 ratio reductions and not the bloated 1:100 offerings that seem to be all the rage nowadays.

We also have 1:100 / 18mm “over-scale” models for those who don’t know the difference between pygmies and giants.

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